Gyaltsen Rug Industries is headquartered in Kathmandu, Nepal. Established in 1986 with a clear vision of creating bespoke handmade Nepalese Tibetan rugs, inspired by the very needs of today’s modern homes across North America and beyond. Our team of expert master weavers and the management, work very closely with our discerning clientele providing excellent services thereby always collaborating to enrich their respective libraries with beautiful brands. Success has no limit, so is our consistency in production and customer happiness.

Kathmandu is a beautiful valley blessed with so many talented artisans, the world famous Nepalese Art proudly passed down from generation to generation. We value, respect, preserve and bring this wonderful ancient craftsmanship and spirit in our everyday rug creations. We believe in team work and nurturing positive workforce that respects nature and sustainable deeds.

Our R & D office is the busiest venue for the master weavers and production team, not only to manage daily custom rug projects but it is also the birth place for our new rug sample collections. Core of our achievement is, being on the same page with our valued international customers with constant shower of correspondences with updates and advises.

Our proficiency lies in whether producing one piece of customized rug or in quantities, we give hundred percent from conception to a perfect end product. We can effectively manage any rug project that is within our current weaving techniques and capacity. The most popular is our Nepalese Tibetan pile carpets using ancient Tibetan cross weave-double knot technique. None the less our flat weave collection has been very successful due to our expertise in the intricate textile culture of warp woven into weft.

Gyaltsen Rug Industries strongly believe in the power to act from creativity and implementing the thoughts into actions. Our company will be a driving force in the rug industries with a realistic strategy to enhance long term success with our partners around the world.

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Gyaltsen Rug Industries